Jennie Bellinger

The Direct Sales Domme

As a successful direct sales leader for over 10 years, Jennie realized her calling to help others succeed and advance their business and personal lives through coaching. She has coached many direct sales representatives to promote and create further success within their organizations.

Jennie pursued certification as a professional coach with the Center for Coaching Certification and is listed on As a Certified Professional Coach, Jennie is now working with mid-level leaders in direct sales, multi-level marketing and network marketing companies as well as solo entrepreneurs in need of focus, motivation and accountability. Trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, Jennie will partner with the client to adjust their thought process and language into positive, forward moving thoughts, beliefs and verbiage to advance their goals.

Married and a mother to two girls, Jennie lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Her services are available via phone or online conferences.

Her Rule Book

The Mission

It's in my contract...

To guide aspiring direct sales leaders in growing personal sales and attracting high performing team members.

The Vision

My plan to dominate...

Starts by striving to be THE go-to coach for direct sales representatives in the United States (and beyond!)

The Impact

It's better to give...

So BDSM contributes time, talent, and a portion of profits to equip women in overcoming crisis, trauma, and homelessness.

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