Do you want to be a Certified Badass Leader?

Seriously... who WOULDN'T want to be a Certified Badass?

Beyond that, Certified Badass Leaders are more likely to attract talented high performance team members.

Think about it.

YOU are a talented high performing team member for your upline/company. Don't you wish YOU had someone like YOU leading YOU?

If you want to attract someone like YOU, it will be A LOT easier if you're a Certified Badass Leader!

Say no more, Jennie, I'm IN!

We have two options, pay in full or deposit with 3 easy monthly payments.

$1497 or $1777 (payment plan)

Don’t Get Your Panties in a Bunch

The leading you've been doing up until now got you to where you are today. It will not get you to where you want to go.

You need next level leadership skills to get you to the next level.

People say leadership is important, but how many put their money where their mouth is?

Many leaders will read books, listen to podcasts and even take a single workshop here and there from time to time.

But BADASS LEADERS invest not only in themselves, but also in their teams by making sure they are THE BEST leader out there.

Ask yourself this question:

"Would I recommend a developing leader on my team get this certification?"

If your answer is "yes!" then you need to sign up NOW.

How can you recommend someone else be a Certified Badass Leader BEFORE you become one?

JennieBellinger - The Direct Sales Domme

Jennie B, The Direct Sales Domme

So who am I (Jennie Bellinger) and what makes ME so Badass?

#1 Team in Group Recruiting WORLDWIDE

Once I figured out how to effectively recruit the right people to my team... my next goal was to lead them to their goals. Often, this meant they got to grow a team of their own, and so we got to #1 in the world AS A TEAM.

#3 Team in Group Sales WORLDWIDE

It's one thing to recruit at the top level, it's a whole other level to ALSO sell at the top level AT THE SAME TIME! My team not only was recruiting, but they were able to keep their eye on their sales and keep them top notch. This came from Badass Leadership from the TOP.

My Clients are Walking Stages and Teaching from the Stage, Too

Not only was I able to teach my own team to do this, I've been working with TOP leaders in a variety of companies across the country and around the world to do the same thing. My clients are walking stages for big promotions, earned incentive trips, earned car bonuses, and team trophies. A few of my clients have even been asked to teach from their company's national stage based on the results they've gotten from working with ME*!

*And yes, they gave credit where credit was due! I got texts and messages from others in the audience wanting to know more!

Tell Me More About the Certified Badass Leader Program, Jennie...

Find YOUR Leadership Style

You can only develop that which you KNOW.

This isn't some cookie cutter program that is going to spit out some color, animal or letter defining you. We find YOUR leadership style by learning more about YOU and your team.

We develop your next leadership traits, skills and techniques that will get you feeling COMPETENT and CONFIDENT as your best version of YOU as a Badass Leader.

Meet Your Leader Pack

Badass Leaders Do Leadership With Support

So many leaders in our industry try to do this alone. Even when they try to set up accountability groups, or masterminds, they can't find the RIGHT leaders who support, challenge and help lead them from outside their own organization.

In the Certified Badass Leader Program, YOU ARE NO LONGER ALONE. I ONLY attract others who are best suited to be a part of YOUR class.

What is the Investment for the Certification as a Badass Leader?

When you pay in full before the program starts, the investment is $1497 USD.

You can either pay in full and get rewards points/airline miles using your credit card of choice....


Pay in full using PayPal Credit and get 6 months of 0% interest (pending your approval from PayPal Credit, if you don't already have a line of credit with them).


Pay $300 USD deposit to lock in your spot in the program, and then it's three payments of $493 USD after that.**


**In order to graduate with certificate, all payments must be made by graduation date.


No Seriously, Second to Last Chance To Sign Up

If you don't have the info you need to decide if this is for you yet, I doubt that you are in the right place.

Badass Leaders Know By NOW

Who is a Good Fit for the Certified Badass Leader Program?

This program is meant for those who have a team of 75-150 downline.

This program is perfect for a leader who is STUCK somewhere in their business or leadership, and realize they can no longer do this on their own.

The Certified Badass Leader Program is NOT for the following:

  • someone who blames their team for not selling or recruiting more (I cannot change your team)
  • someone who is looking for the quick and easy fix (Badass Leaders recognize the work that they will do is DIFFERENT, it may be more, it may be less...)
  • someone with a team less than 50 downline (yes, I will consider someone with fewer than 75, but 50+ is optimal)

You may have some questions...

So here's a link to book 30 minutes on my schedule to get them answered


Or check out this testimonial from a coaching client of mine, Lissa F. -->

You’ll discover leadership gems like…

  • Types and styles of leadership
  • Discipline and motivation and how they play a part in Badass Leadership
  • EFFECTIVE leadership techniques that actually gets results

Imagine how big you could grow your team if…

  • You were attracting more productive team members
  • You were retaining your current productive team members at a high level
  • You were such a badass leader that your team was now growing their OWN teams

That’s what you’ll be able to achieve as a Certified Badass Leader.

How Quickly Will I Make My Investment Back?

4 Episodes Podcast Advertising

As with any program, this really depends on how well and how quickly YOU implement what we discuss.

Luckily, Badass Leaders implement immediately, right?

Once you've completed the program, you'll have the opportunity to offer a testimonial for more visibility on the website of the #1 Network Marketing podcast (Badass Direct Sales Mastery)


Frequently Given Excuses For Not Attending This Training

“I’ll take it next time. You’re offering it again, right?”

Yep, I'll be doing this again. But NOT at this pricing. This is the absolute lowest price it will EVER be. (Check out my 0% 6 months financing with PayPal, that's just $249.50 USD for 6 months)

“$1497 for a 12 week course? Isn’t that kinda, like, a rip-off?”

Listen, punk. There's NOTHING like this certification out there. Know how I know that? BECAUSE I CHECKED.

If you do the certification and don't make this money back in the first year, there's no refunds.

Know why? So you actually put the stuff we cover into play ASAP. If you think you've got a way to make your money back from me.... it's going to be from DOING THE THING.

“I’m not a leader yet so this definitely won’t work for me...or will it?”

Correct. For this information to be truly USEFUL, you've gotta have a downline of 50 or more, preferably 75 to 250. Anything smaller than that and you're dealing with different issues, so let's have a chat (


Do NOT Wait... Seats Are Limited and At This Price They Are Going Like Badass Hotcakes.

Listen, I'm Not Messing Around, Last Chance

$1497 Paid in Full **OR** $300 deposit and 3 Payments of $493.

If You Know... You Know. Time to Lock In Your Spot.