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Own Your Freedom
And Dominate Your Business…”
(Without Being a Fake or Pushy “Salesman”!)


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Business Owners.  Moms.  Direct Sales Rock Stars.  BADASSES.  I have set aside a limited amount of time to help YOU take the lead in your life and your business.
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Who is The Direct Sales Domme?

Jennie Bellinger

Your Direct Sales Domme

I am a Certified Professional Personal Coach
and have been a Direct Sales Coach
for over 10 years. I am also a podcast host,
motivational and business speaker and…

The Direct Sales Domme.

Promise it won’t hurt TOO bad.

What is
Direct Sales Mastery?

Badass Direct Sales Mastery

Is Elite Training
For Hardcore Consultants
Looking To Dominate Their Business

Bad Ass Direct Sales Mastery was created to help Direct Sales Managers and Consultants like you increase sales and recruit the right teams. BDSM can help uncuff you from the direct sales woes of today, and show you how to flirt with the success of tomorrow!


Follow the Rules...

Whether you need just one badass in your corner, or you need a whole community, BDSM has a Coaching Solution to fulfill your needs. 


Learn your Lesson...

Badass Direct Sales Mastery is your HAVEN for Education. Teacher’s pets more than welcome.


Listen Closely...

Listen to Jennie and Industry Leaders for interviews and advice. 

Her methods aren't painful...

but they are VERY effective.

Let's see what other Badasses think!

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Ask Nicely.

How do I recruit a team that works?

How do I earn the company incentive trip?

How do I switch to a virtual business?

What apps/technology can I use to make my life and business easier?

How can I replace my full time income with my direct sales business?


I'll Share.

How do I get more sales without being "pushy" or "nagging" friends & family?

How do I do Facebook Lives?

What should I be doing on a daily basis for my business?

How do I get my family's support?

Where else can I get support when my upline leader leaves the business?