4 Episodes of Podcast Advertising



If you have a product or service that direct sales, network marketers or MLM reps could be (and should be) using to build their business, then this advertising package is for you!

The Badass Direct Sales Mastery podcast listeners are reps for direct sales, network marketing and MLM companies around the globe (we have listeners in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Phillipines, India and many other countries!). Our listeners are engaged and heavily vested in building their business using tools, technology, and services that our host, Jennie, recommends. With an average of 300 unique downloads per week (as of Aug 2021), your product or service could be in front of 300 people per week for the next 4-6 weeks.

Ads are 60 seconds and are presented by the host, Jennie. If you’d like a 60 second recorded ad or 30 second live read, just let us know.

Ads are only placed on episodes that have not been sponsored by a guest.


Affiliate links are preferred, so you can track where clients came from.


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4 Episodes of Podcast Advertising