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Jennie Bellinger is a coach, trainer and direct sales expert with over 20,000 hours of experience. She offers online team training programs to help leaders enlighten their teams on a variety of business building mindsets, language and behaviors that create success for their entire team.

When Jennie is in front of your team, you will see quick results.

When you bring her on consistently, you will see sustained results.

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Training & Workshop Options

Badass Direct Sales Mastery

6+ Great Options

Build Your Business Over Zoom – Discover how you can build your business by meeting with potential customers or future team members one on one over Zoom. One participant made $1,500 in additional sales using this process the following month!

Recipe For Success – When you follow a recipe, you get to enjoy the sweet and savory results of success! Jennie shares the perfect recipe for each individual on the training. No two recipes are ever exactly the same, because no two consultants are the same!

Vision Board Workshop – In this guided vision board workshop, Jennie helps the participants visualize their goals, get them on to poster board and even uncover how to turn those visions into action plans to achieve the goals!

Powerful Sponsoring – Previous participants have highly rated this training about growing your team through sponsoring rather than “recruiting.” One powerful mindset shift starts out the event and the remainder is spent discovering the six C’s of successful sponsoring.

Magnetic Sales Conversations – What would change in your business if your clients seemed to be magnetically attracted to you and your product? In this short presentation, your team will master the exact formula for a sales conversation that actually attracts their ideal customer to them so they want to do business with them!

Get the Most Out of Convention – Remember the feeling of utter exhilaration and overwhelm at the end of each company convention you have attended before? What if Jennie could show you how to go into convention with a super simple system to get the most out of the trainings and ride the wave of inspiration and motivation for WEEKS after? In this training workshop, Jennie shares the 4 tools that you already have access to that will support your success and keep you motivated and implementing what you learned at conference.

Custom Training Topics – Jennie works with you to find the area(s) where your team needs the most support and training and can custom create a training for you.

How Much?

Certainly this much awesomeness must have an investment… You have options!

Team Training Package Deal

$ 1,100.00

Get 4 trainings for the price of 3

Regularly $1,400

The Two-fer Training Deal

$ 525.00

Get $75 off when you book two trainings

Regularly $600

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