Andrea Burnett is a Level V Circle Achiever with Rodan + Fields, having started with the company 7+ years ago. In this interview, Andrea shares her story about getting started with R + F, building teams, losing teams and starting all over again. Her secret to direct sales success is consistency.

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Stacie Luter is a Level 5 Rodan + Fields leader. She’s been in the business for 5 years, and has been able to retire from her previous career in occupational therapy thanks to her Rodan + Fields business. In this episode, she shares how she turns her obstacles into her superpowers! Forget trying to get around those pesky obstacles, she’s making them her friend and getting stronger from them.

We also talk emotions, treating your direct sales business like a business from DAY ONE, and why people who swear they’ll NEVER do direct sales end up being the MOST successful people in the business.

Reach out to Stacie via text at (314) 704-6297 or join us in the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Community and chat with her there.