Mel Ashton is a successful Rodan + Fields Level V leader. She’s based in Sydney, Australia, and has helped to build the company and the brand in that country for the past two years. Mel has earned not only the promotion of Level V, but she has also earned trips and other fabulous rewards for the work she does to build her business and in support of her team.

An avid networker through BNI, she is now also part of her chapter’s leadership team, helping to build not only her business, but also the businesses of others in BNI Beaches – Sydney Australia.

In this episode, she shares her journey into Rodan + Fields, her struggles and her secret to success in direct sales.

Teri Hales is a Level V Circle Achiever in Rodan + Fields. She quickly replaced her income as a wedding photographer with her skin care consultant business. Just a little over one year after she began with R + F, she had left her 80+ hour per week photography business behind. This allows her to have those special moments with her children, husband and family. She even has time for a social life now!

Teri would love to talk with you about the opportunities that are waiting for you to say “yes” to within Rodan + Fields. You can reach her by joining the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Community on Facebook. This is where you’ll also find other like minded entrepreneurs who are in the network marketing industry.

Andrea Burnett is a Level V Circle Achiever with Rodan + Fields, having started with the company 7+ years ago. In this interview, Andrea shares her story about getting started with R + F, building teams, losing teams and starting all over again. Her secret to direct sales success is consistency.

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Stacie Luter is a Level 5 Rodan + Fields leader. She’s been in the business for 5 years, and has been able to retire from her previous career in occupational therapy thanks to her Rodan + Fields business. In this episode, she shares how she turns her obstacles into her superpowers! Forget trying to get around those pesky obstacles, she’s making them her friend and getting stronger from them.

We also talk emotions, treating your direct sales business like a business from DAY ONE, and why people who swear they’ll NEVER do direct sales end up being the MOST successful people in the business.

Reach out to Stacie via text at (314) 704-6297 or join us in the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Community and chat with her there.

In BDSM, the “M” stands for masochism, or someone who receives pleasure from pain.

Keep in mind, this podcast is a safe space, so I hold NO judgment.

So if you do not identify as a masochist, and you hold pity parties more often than birthday parties… there’s a misalignment here!

Damn, that sounds a lot like a coach to me…

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This week, I share with you my mindset around direct sales success. “I Always Win and So Do You.” Adjust your mindset around your business to reflect a “win/win” outlook in order to achieve the success that you desire.

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As a disrupter company, Rodan + Fields Skin Care has seemingly figured out how to attract high profile consultants like lawyers and doctors. Jennie Bellinger, Your Direct Sales Domme, interviews Dr. Cynthia Couch, a dentist from London, Kentucky about her business with Rodan + Fields. See what attracted this highly intelligent and very busy dentist to add “Rodan + Fields” consultant to her resume.

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Marcy Wolfe Cascio-Hale has been a Rodan + Fields consultant for over 3 years. She’s faced obstacles and overcome them to rise to the level of success that she’s attained.

In this interview, Marcy shares her secret to success; caring accountability partners and coaches who have kept her “Why” and her goals in front of her face so that she stays motivated to keep on going in the business.

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In this episode, Your Direct Sales Domme, Jennie Bellinger, answers the questions:

Why did she become a coach?

Why did she leave her successful direct sales business for coaching full time?

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Welcome to the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast! This podcast is for rock star direct sales reps and leaders who want to shorten their learning curve and whip their business into shape with the help of The Direct Sales Domme, Jennie Bellinger, CPC.

In this episode, learn about The Direct Sales Domme herself, and why she does what she does.

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