Alicia Bruder: When Your Spouse “Gets It”

About Alicia Bruder: Alicia is a focused and driven entrepreneur who has found great purpose within her Juice Plus+ business. She loves providing a convenient solution for getting in more raw fruits and vegetables, and also leading women in how to become professionals in the direct sales industry. Outside of this passion, Alicia loves to garden flowers and vegetables, trail-ride her horses, and be active through outdoor running and cross-fit training. She and her husband Jason, have 2 sons; Dane, age 4 and Brock age 2 who are always ready for tractor riding and agate hunting!


In this episode, Jennie and Alicia discuss:

  • Motivation level: employee mindset vs entrepreneur mindset.
  • Your support system and understanding the why.
  • The importance of conventions. Their motivation, love, positive energy, and training tools.
  • Seek out coaching and mentorship

Key Takeaways:

  • The secrets to success are consistency in follow up, one on one conversations, and showing conviction and enthusiasm
  • Make a plan, write it down and stick to it. Be consistent.  Have a power hour everyday that you place full focus and full intention to your business.
  • Have a positive expectancy. Make “I will” statements and affirmations.
  • Follow up because you care. Keep following up until you get a yes or no. 

“Have a positive expectancy of the future.” —  Alicia Bruder

Connect with Alicia Bruder:

Facebook: Alicia Bruder
 Facebook Business Page: Alicia Bruder                   
 Phone: (715) 455-1166 

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Support Success Don’t Encourage Failure

In this episode, Jennie discusses:

  • Reactive accountability
  • Proactive accountability 


Key Takeaways

  • Reactive accountability  is doing accountability all wrong. Checking in at the last minute and reacting after too much time has passed. 
  • Proactive accountability is checking in every day and providing positive reminders. Cheering for your contact and sharing their progress forward.
  • Make accountability easy, reliable, and effective




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Dr. Ali Lankerani: Dr. L The Parent Whisperer

About Dr. Ali Lankerani: Dr. Ali Lankerani, affectionately known by his patients as Dr. L, The Parent Whisperer, is a clinical neuroscientist.

Dr. L is internationally published & best-selling author, was twice-voted as one of America’s Top Doctors, ran an award-winning private practice helping kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and hosts the TV channel ‘Role Model Maker.’ He currently runs an online course that supports new parents and their children, and encourages healthy, growing relationships between them: Nesting Amazing Kids – How to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids and Enjoy the Process!

Dr. L enjoys being the active father of his two Amazing Kids and proudly serves as the founder of Amazing Parents’ Network.


In this episode, Jennie and Dr. L discuss:

  • ADD and ADHD
  • Nutrition as a preventative measure for ADD and  ADH. 
  • Proper nutrition, rest, and oxygen levels before learning can occur.
  • 3 secrets to addressing big nutrition challenges.


Key Takeaways:

  • Kids learn from the adult example in their lives. They see how we eat and how we live in the world.
  • 3 secrets to addressing big nutrition challenges
  1. Healthy eating should be satisfying, energizing, and empowering, not a chore.
  2. Healthy eating saves you time and money.
  3. Creating healthy meals can be simple, flexible, and fun.


“Work with our bodies instead of trying to push it beyond its limit without having provided for it in the first place.” —  Dr. Ali Lankerani


Facebook: Doctor Lankerani
         Role Model Maker
         Parenting Owners Manual
         Food and Fitness 101
LinkedIn: Ali Lankerani
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Scot Conway: Creating Community by Being Ohana

About Scot Conway: Scot Conway, “Grandmaster Scot With 1 T,” started martial arts in 1971 and earned the rank and title of Grandmaster after 45 years. He is the author of 44 books (all of which can be found on Amazon), teacher of 33 programs, and he’s been seen in magazines since the 80s, as well as newspapers, radio, television, and even a movie. Also a lawyer, real estate broker, pastor, Ph.D., J.D., and generally person-with-a-crazy-resume, which he attributes to his super-powers of ADHD and dyslexia. Today, “Grandmaster Scot” or “Scot With 1 T” is best known outside of martial arts for The Ohana Way and his courses, coaching, and masterminds related to Ohana, a Hawaiian ideal of everything-positive-about-family.


In this episode, Jennie and Scot discuss:

  • Ohana coaching, family, and lifestyle.
  • What is in my customers, employees, and the community of OHANA’s best interests?
  • Trust through communication and connection.
  • What’s the “win-win?”


Key Takeaways:

  • Ohana is family. 
  • Oasis: be a refreshing refuge, a person people feel safe with.
  • Harmony: infinite diversity and combinations aimed at greatness.
  • Assertiveness: moving forward on purpose with respect for others.
  • Nobility: be your highest and best self. 
  • Aloha: love, hello, and goodbye.  Seeking the best for each other and being positive on purpose. “I want the best for you, I want to be the best for you, and I want you to have transcendent joy.” -Scot
  • Use the OHANA way to resolve conflict and have hard conversations. As a leader it’s your responsibility to get this communication started. 
  •  Finding  the “win win”  for the people in the conversation or just agree that there’s “no deal.”


“We are all on the same side. We are all here to help each other.” —  Scot Conway


Connect with Scot Conway:

Facebook: Scot Conway 

Website:, and guests can download a copy of The Ohana Way Report. By joining the Ohana, they can also get a copy of the full book: The Ohana Way, a One Conversation Method Masterclass, and some other bonuses!

LinkedIn: Scott Conway








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Mara Graff: Make Sh*t Happen

About Mara:  Mara is a consultant that teaches new and stock small business owners the relationship building skills that they need to grow their business authentically. Mara takes the spam out of expanding a business on social media. Mara has a knack for training using basic, simple, and duplicatable systems. Mara has reached the top 3% of her company using the make sh*it happen tasks and systems that she teaches. 

Mara lives in Columbia Illinois, has been married for 21 years, is a mom to two, a bonus mom to one, and has two fur babies. Mara loves to read, hates to cook, and loves to cuss.

In this episode, Jennie and Mara discuss:

  • Being yourself to build a community of real relationships based on trust.
  • How to use social media to grow your business genuinely.
  • What does SH*T mean? How and when to share your SH*T.
  • Lose the negativity. Make people feel happy and inspired to be successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use social media in a way that isn’t spamming people. Get to know more about your customer so you know if you have a product that solves a problem or has value for them? Don’t make them feel like just another person you are selling to via social media.
  • Be a genuine friend and value your friends don’t look at people as an object, or a dollar sign.
  • SHIT
    • Share a smile, say something nice, pay them a compliment, say hello, whatever it takes to make them smile.
    • Help with something. Anything, maybe even just give a hug. Help with something in a non product driven way.
    • Inspiration. Inspire your friend in any way. Something as simple as a quote to lift them up.
    • Tell your friend something about yourself. Share yourself with them so that your life has positive and negative aspects just like anyone else. Build connections through your life experiences. By being upbeat through all of your experiences people will continue to follow you and enjoy your upbeat personality.
  • When you talk to people on social media ask yourself what you would say to this person if they were in front of you if you. Strive to have a regular conversation with them and find a way to relate with them. Don’t use the same script everyone else is using. Make your script personalized and relate to you so that you can sound original and be authentic.

“In this business we are looking for people who are going to be a potential customer, a potential team member, but you’re also looking for that cheer leader. The person that’s going to cheer you on all the way through” —  Mara Graff

Connect with Mara Graff:

Link to Make SH*T Happen Online Course:

Online Course Coupon Code: bdsm30 for $30 off her online course



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