Peggy Scott: The Power of Presence

About Peggy Scott: Many entrepreneurs invest in their education, their business marketing, and their message, but often fail to recognize the most important marketing there is…their presence.

Peggy addresses the inner and outer game of presence and helps you define your personal brand so that you show up as your most powerful self.

She is a presence coach with over 30 years of helping people transform their presence so that they are seen, valued, known, and respected. As the Founder of Peggy Scott Enterprise, Peggy helps her clients raise the vibration of their presence to have a dynamic and joyful expression of themselves that is attractive, magnetic, and energized.

In this episode, Jennie and Peggy discuss:

  • Making your presence known and showing up
  • Having your image speak for you
  • Availability is the point of presence
  • Keeping alignment in mind when showing up

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s more to us than meets the eye. Bring out your best by taking the time to discover your passion and then create an image that supports your presence.
  • Showing up with presence means putting yourself out there as exactly who you want to be. Ensure that your image reflects who you are as a person and speaks well of you.
  • Being present means being available, and being available starts by knowing yourself, and knowing how you will show up. Prioritize self-care so that you’re always available to those you want to be available to.
  • It’s not just about confidence, it’s not just about your appearance, it’s not just about all of these other things. Getting everything in alignment with your inner self is the key to your outer self showing up. 

“The point that I’m after is really having you show up authentically, powerfully, purposefully so that you get where you want to go in life, connect with the people you want to connect with, have your message be known, have you be seen, have you be valued, and have people seek you for what you do” – Peggy Scott

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