Rita Prenzler: I Get to Make Friends

About Rita Prenzler: Rita is a former student-athlete in cross-country skiing, has moved from Latvia to this country over 25 years ago, together with her husband has raised 3 amazing kids who also have been competitively involved in sports, one of whom is currently a student-athlete as well. Health and nutrition have always been important to her as an athlete and a parent, however, having a balanced diet has been challenging.

Four years ago, finding Zinzino meant not only improving health status but also finding a great business opportunity.

In this episode, Jennie and Rita discuss:

  • Rita’s experience with Zinzino
  • Zinzino’s testing process
  • Utilizing the health side of the business to reach more customers

Key Takeaways:

  • The fun of networking lies in making friends and thinking about what you can learn and give rather than take.
  • There are half a billion Omega-3 users worldwide, but when we take a test, they don’t score as they should. Life in balance begins with finding out your Omega-3 profile, which Zinzino can assist you with.
  • You’re always going to have to stretch your comfort zone by approaching people and talking to them, but through this, you’ll be able to build relationships and help people while having fun.

“With BNI, it’s like you open the door and there’s everyone just like you for ready to network and make friends.” – Rita Prenzler


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