Jackie Ulmer: The Secrets Of Social Selling

About Jackie Ulmer: Jackie Ulmer is an award winning speaker, coach and entrepreneur, focused on helping women develop the business skills, confidence and social media strategies needed to attract their ideal clients using online and offline methods. As a 25+ year entrepreneur, she’s sold products, services and built teams in over 40 countries in Direct Sales and Coaching. We don’t get our goals; we get our habits! Jackie is going to coach you on how to develop the habits you need to rock your business.

In this episode, Jennie and Jackie discuss:

  • Overcoming the obstacle of who to talk to outside your “warm market.”
  • How the internet changed the way we do business, and the ways the landscape is changing again due to COVID-19.
  • Using social media as a networking platform rather than an advertising platform to build relationships first, then appropriate sales.
  • Finding and fine-tuning your marketing to your ideal client.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building a successful business requires breaking out of your circle of friends and family to find new clients.
  • Using the internet to build your business brings the leads to you, rather than you having to hunt them down.
  • Market yourself, share what you do, share who you’re looking to serve, share in what ways you’re going to serve them. 
  • Hone in on your ideal client and build a marketing strategy around that ideal client, online and offline.

“My secret to success are my three C’s, and that is clarity, commitment and consistency. Everything that we do in this business is a learned skill set, we have a tendency to want to think that somebody else has some secret sauce that we don’t have. But it really is just a learned set of business skills. And when you have clarity around your why, and your who, and your what, and your how, it leads you to the commitment, and part of the commitment is finding and committing to that process of developing that skill set. And then it’s consistency. Success is sexy, the road to get there, not always so much.” —  Jackie Ulmer

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