Dean Newlund – It’s Time to Dream Again

About Dean Newlund: In the early 1990s Dean Newlund was a multi-level marketing state director for Minnesota and Washington. To support his business he got a certification in coaching which later led to him opening a coaching practice exclusively serving direct-sales and MLM small businesses. That business grew and now Mission Facilitators International is fortunate to work with thousands of business leaders and dozens of companies nationally and internationally. As CEO, Dean leads a team that provides coaching, leadership, team development and strategic planning services for leaders and their teams. Dean is also a TedX speaker and has a popular podcast called The Business Of Intuition.  


In this episode, Jennie and Dean discuss:

  • Using intuition to guide your business decisions
  • Why you should listen to your intuition
  • Dreaming despite of fear 
  • The difference between being intuitive and being foolhardy

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes the facts are not enough to make the right call – listen to your intuition
  • Everyone has the ability to hear their intuition, but it takes some practice to listen to it and trust it. 
  • Becoming more intuitive means being able to see the bigger picture and taking the necessary risks that makes sense for that big dream
  • Sometimes the way you get passed negativite times in your life isn’t by bulldozing yourself through with positivity but by addressing it, embracing it and seeing what can be learned from it. 

“We have to adjust but let’s keep dreaming. Let’s get back to thinking big picture… let’s not hold ourselves in, because that’s where life is.” —  Dean Newlund

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Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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