Bill McCormick – LinkedIn Tips for Network Marketing Pros

About Bill McCormick: He discovered the power of LinkedIn and social selling when he and his wife started their advertising specialty company. After successfully and consistently bringing on new clients by leveraging LinkedIn to build relationships and deliver value, he joined Social Sales Link as their chief sales officer to teach others how to grow their businesses the way that he grew theirs. He’s been teaching people how to grow their business by leveraging the power of LinkedIn for social selling so they could start more sales conversations. It all comes down to converting connections to conversations through the power of LinkedIn. 

In this episode, Jennie and Bill discuss:

  • Making more than a resume
  • Pulling people towards us
  • Failing at helping everyone
  • Connecting before pitching

Key Takeaways:

  • You can do more than just look for a job in LinkedIn. Thriving on LinkedIn is all about building an online presence through creating value and leveraging connections. 
  • People do business and refer to business that they know, like, and trust. Which is why we need to attract, teach and engage them. The fist step is making a profile that’s centered around your ideal client. 
  • When we say we help everybody, we end up helping nobody. Not everyone is your client. Identify your ideal client, you can’t chase every person. 
  • Connect and pitch is a bait and switch. Build relationships and engage them. You want to be resonating with people, be useful and be relatable to your ideal client. 


“They don’t care about you, they care about them – so when we’re creating and crafting an online presence, we have to make it about our ideal client. When you’re writing your headline… it should be who you help, how you help them, the results you bring, and then what you do.” —  Bill McCormick

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