Dr. Elizabeth Davidson: From Doctor to Entrepreneur

About Dr. Elizabeth Davidson: She is an educator, foundational health doctor, mom, skier, outdoor enthusiast and business connector. Dr. Elizabeth is native Vermonter who boldly adapted her career to changing circumstances. When COVID happened, she was practicing as a family chiropractor but touching people was suddenly not such a good thing. Around the same time she had a such health break for using her dōTERRA products and after delving into the company, recognized a business opportunity where she could help many more people, grow her influence, and build a dream team. She’s continuing to grow her well-being and her community all while having lots of fun. 


In this episode, Jennie and Dr. Elizabeth discuss:

  • Helping more people through business
  • A non-toxic working environment
  • Accepting your awesomeness
  • Compassion and connection 

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the rewards of starting a direct-selling business is that you’re range of influence is expanded so you will be able to help more people. 
  • Direct-selling and network-marketing business typically have an awesome working environment where there is no toxic competition and each of your success is celebrated.  
  • We’re so quick to accept negative things into our minds when people tells us, but when somebody gives us a compliment or appreciates us – let’s appreciate the appreciation by simply accepting it and celebrating that. 
  • Prioritize connection, be compassionate towards people and don’t be attached to the outcome. 


“I have so many favorite aspects of it, but I love that part about getting to lead other people to help more people and build their own communities and have some financial success.” —  Dr. Elizabeth Davidson


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