Jennie Bellinger: Opportunistic

In this episode, Jennie shares with you:

  • Ideas to prioritize how you approach your day in your business during this uncertain time. 
  • The importance of taking care of yourself first, so you can take care of others in your life.
  • How you should utilize this time to grow in knowledge and expertise in your business.
  • That taking care of what you can take care of for a client, rather than forcing something on them they don’t need is just good business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take care of yourself, your family, your business, in that order.
  • Your health and your relationships are the most fragile, everything else will bounce back in time.
  • Opportunistic is not a dirty word.
  • There is no such thing as good luck. Success comes when we’re prepared to take hold of an opportunity when it presents itself.

“Opportunistic is not a bad thing, as long as your intent for the person that you are speaking to is for their best intentions…understand that your product or service may not be the best for them, even if you think it is. If they don’t see it as what they need right now, serve them where they are provided. Provide them with the help and support that you can and when they are ready, They will probably choose to do business with you.” —  Jennie Bellinger





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