Dana McWilliam: Done is Better Than Perfect

About Dana McWilliam: Dana is the National Director of Pure Romance and has been in business for 9 years. In 2021 she had $200k in personal sales, 32 activations, and $1.6 mil team sales. She is proudly serving on the Sr. Board of Directors for my 2nd year in a row. Dana started this business as a side gig and never thought she’d do it full-time. She was a preschool teacher at the time living paycheck to paycheck. Once she started making money from parties, Pure Romance quickly turned into her full-time job and went to a part-time preschool. Pure Romance is now her full-time career and she gets the luxury of making her own schedule. 

Dana has 2 young girls, a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old, and is married to a handsome Canadian man with a great beard! What started as something fun to bring in a little extra money has turned into a passion to empower women about their bodies and help them feel comfortable and confident in and out of the bedroom! She’s obsessed with footy pajamas and fanny packs!

In this episode, Jennie and Dana discuss:

  • The value of getting a “no”
  • How Tiktok has helped Dana’s business
  • How to come up with content ideas

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t be worried about failing. The more “nos” you get, the closer you are to your next “yes”. 
  • There’s also beauty in joining the bandwagon. Aside from reaching many people, platforms like Tiktok allow you to have fun making short videos and educating people all at the same time.
  • Plan some content with a group of people within your business, look for trending sounds and save a couple and see how you can relate them to your business.

“Done is better than perfect. Just do it – just be a person connecting with other people, making relationships, genuinely adding value, educating and trying to help serve them.” – Dana McWilliam


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