Alex Aanderud: Why You Need DISC in Your Life

About Alex Aanderud: Alex Aanderud, an industry leader in DISC, human behavior, and integrative psychology combines his degree in aerospace engineering with his advanced certifications in Integrative psychology to apply systems and analytics to the human capital of organizations. He utilizes various psychometric assessments to improve team dynamics, retention, integrative leadership, and profitability. Alex has been brought in by the top coaching companies and teams to train their people on a new and innovative perspective of DISC and recruiting that has led to massive growth, retention, and expansion.

In this episode, Jennie and Alex discuss:

  • Learning to read people and building rapport
  • Getting your clients to make the right decision
  • Why is DISC important? 

Key Takeaways:

  • By trying to read people based on their DISC profiles, you will be able to have a better conversation with them, reach a deeper level of understanding, and build a better, faster rapport.
  • Having your clients feel safe and protected will help them make informed decisions. Acknowledge their reality, help them feel safe by seeing where they are, and make them feel accepted so they can feel protected.
  • The ability to understand DISC is such a valuable skill because you can help people understand where they fall within all four categories, how to capitalize on their strengths, what their weaknesses are and how to mitigate them, and how to use their strengths so that they can better sell their people and recruit them.


“It’s really about if you can see the other person and let them know “I see you and I’m going to show up the way you need me to”, they’ll trust you more and they’re willing to work with you more. ” – Alex Aanderud


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