Steve Kidd: Benefits of “Best-Selling Author”

From a small town to transforming high-end clients’ works into best-sellers, Steve Kidd’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. But it was a surprising twist that changed everything. Inspired by the success of a Twilight-related tour guide book, Steve realized the immense power of the word ‘best-seller’ in marketing. And now, he’s sharing his expertise with direct sales and network marketing professionals who want to enhance their strategy. Learn how to become a best-selling author and monetize your book for increased income. But, what unexpected twist will your own story take after becoming a best-selling author?

About Steve Kidd:

Steve Kidd’s big heart is what sets him apart. He is an international best-selling author of 20+ books and a 3rd Generation minister filling the world with hope and God’s energy. He is a diamond that shines through each person he brings growth to and a diamond that is a living and breathing growing spirit that blooms through each one. He doesn’t need to shine or be seen. He is seen through everything he touches. The best in the world at seeing the up level, the next, the more. He is the extreme visionary. Living a life of purpose and a vision that sees beyond the bleeding edge of what is coming next to the air being sliced through in front of it. If you want insight into trends, projects, and possibilities coming before it even seems possible, Steve is your guy.

In this episode, Jennie and Rob discuss:

  • Getting into Best-Selling Books
  • The Writing Process
  • Marketing with Best-Selling Books
  • Making Money with Your Book
  • Becoming a Best-Selling Author

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unveil the benefits of incorporating best-seller author status into your marketing plans.
  • Find out how Steve Kidd’s distinctive interview method produces best-selling books.
  • Grasp the necessity of a concise message and objective in your writing endeavors.
  • Identify the 5 crucial components to generate profit from a best-selling book.
  • Excel in building a community, implementing systems, and utilizing your book for greater earnings.

“Best-selling author is the number one influencer credential. ” – Steve Kidd


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