Randy Crane: Marketing with Emotion

Join Randy Crane, a sales expert, as he shares valuable insights on the importance of emotional connection in marketing. Discover how passion, listening, and building personal connections can make your business kick ass. But what happens when Randy’s biggest sale suddenly falls through? Find out in this suspenseful and jaw-dropping episode.

About Randy Crane:

Randy Crane, affectionally known as The Fearless Marketer, is a nationally-acclaimed sales and marketing expert with over 40 years of experience with many global brands and startups. He is passionate about leadership and emotional marketing strategies that deliver Real Value to customers and impact businesses. Randy is a mentor, a visionary, and a true master of his craft, inspiring others to reach for greatness and achieve their dreams.

In this episode, Jennie and Randy discuss:

  • Importance of Emotional Connection in Marketing
  • Power of Listening in Sales
  • Avoiding Technical Jargon and Complex Language
  • Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence
  • Enhancing Sales Strategies

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • See the impact of embedding emotions into your marketing approach for unmatched results.
  • Unlock the success formula that hinges on infusing passion and being authentic in sales.
  • Uncover powerful techniques to overcome sales-related fears and build unshakeable confidence.
  • Decipher why the secret to closing sales lies in listening effectively and nurturing personal connections.
  • Appreciate how nurturing positivity around you can fast-track your journey to success, both personally and professionally.

“People don’t respond to salespeople, they respond to you as a person. ” – Randy Crane


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