Jeff Pfitzer: Get Drunk on Social

Do you want to maximize your business success through the power of social media? Are you looking for a solution that will help you leverage social media to achieve your desired outcome? Look no further! Our guest, Jeff Pfitzer, has the answer to your social media challenges and will guide you towards achieving your ultimate goal of increased business prosperity through effective social media utilization. Join us as Jeff shares his expertise and unlocks the potential of social media for your direct sales profession.


About Jeff Pfitzer:

Jeff Pfitzer has become a Video & Social Media Expert thru his execution & results. He is a Regional VP at USA Mortgage, where his primary role is business development thru coaching, teaching, and hosting industry events to bring value to the real estate industry with the goal of elevating brands thru video & social. 

This expertise has led to the co-founding of several platforms: Drunk on Social, Business Video School, and Real Estate Mastery Pros. Each unique platform now provides high-level, and much-needed education & training of innovative & specialized skills to the industry & beyond. 

His passion for these strategies has resulted in 5x growth in the mortgage business, with a steady stream of opportunities and conversations always happening. Jeff is the host of the Lab Coat Agents podcast and co-hosts the Social Genius podcast with Tristan Ahumada. He consults and collaborates with numerous real estate industry companies and was labeled as a top 30 video Influencer across the USA & Canada by BombBomb. Jeff looks most forward to continuing to innovate & teach social media & video strategies to the world to help more brands & businesses grow & attract more business!


In this episode, Jennie and Jeff discuss:

  • Digital Path to Relatability
  • Turning Point: Authentic Connection
  • Unlikely Hit: Daughter’s Video
  • Embracing TikTok’s Potential
  • Personal Connection’s Digital Power


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Untangle the dynamic interplay between business success and strategic social media use.
  • Master the art of crafting content that not only speaks, but matters to your audience.
  • Crack the code on algorithms and utilize them to broaden your audience horizon.
  • Decode the nuances of embedding relatability and authenticity in your content and its overall significance.
  • Recognize social media as a marketing powerhouse and learn how to wield its power effectively.

“The future of our world is going to be completely controlled by social media. I’m all in. ” – Jeff Pfitzer



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