Mark Bartel: Using A.I. The RIGHT Way to Grow Business

In this sponsored episode, discover the mind-bending power of AI in business as Jenny Bellinger interviews tech expert Mark Bartel. From automating tasks to generating content, they explore the possibilities – but beware, relying too heavily on AI may leave you questioning the authenticity of your own voice and expertise. Will entrepreneurs strike the perfect balance or fall victim to the seductive allure of artificial intelligence? Tune in to find out.


About Mark Bartel:

Mark Bartel was born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mark works with overwhelmed and time-strapped entrepreneurs to get started working with artificial intelligence and other automation systems to benefit their companies using my courses, chatbot programs, and automation offerings. He has been lucky enough to work with professional athletes, e-commerce stores, wealth managers, real estate investors, travel agencies, and digital marketing agencies to streamline their online presence and allow them to focus their time on the parts of their business that they love doing while delegating the soul-crushing parts to technology tools.


In this episode, Jennie and Mark discuss:

  • Mark Bartel’s innate talent for technology
  • Transition to a tech role at a research company
  • Pandemic-driven exploration of automation and chatbots
  • Entrepreneurial motivation sparked by initial success
  • The decision to establish his own agency based on tech expertise


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the power of AI in transforming business operations and driving efficiency.
  • Understand how AI can magnify your own expertise and enhance your voice in the marketplace.
  • Uncover common pitfalls to avoid when employing AI tools like GPT-3 in business.
  • Explore how successful businesses are integrating AI into their workflows for greater effectiveness.
  • Grasp the importance of personalization and customization in AI applications for a more user-centric approach.


“AI is not going to replace your job. Someone who knows how to use AI is going to replace your job.” – Mark Bartel



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