Patrick Shaw: Tech Isn’t Always Duplicatable for Your Team

If you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of success in your network marketing efforts, despite all the time and energy you’ve invested, then you are not alone! You may be tirelessly reaching out to potential prospects, but facing rejection after rejection. Instead of the desired outcome, you may be experiencing stagnant growth in your team and minimal sales. It’s time to reassess your approach and discover the power of simplicity and authenticity in network marketing.


About Patrick Shaw:

Patrick Shaw is the CEO of RapidFunnel, a leading tech platform in the Authentic Sharing Technology (AST) space. With a team of 70 employees across nine countries, RapidFunnel has become the preferred technology for large enterprise companies in and outside of the network marketing industry. Patrick’s journey began in network marketing in 1995, and he realized that technology was hindering authenticity and simplicity in the industry. This led him to create AST, and in 2014, he launched the RapidFunnel App, known for its simplicity and effectiveness in prospecting and follow-ups. The app serves over 100 international network marketing companies in over 20 languages. Patrick is not only a successful entrepreneur but also enjoys outdoor activities and is passionate about comic books. As a thought leader in network marketing, his insights on AST are valuable for anyone interested in the industry.


In this episode, Jennie and Patrick discuss:

  • Simplicity and Authenticity in Network Marketing

Simplicity and authenticity within network marketing are crucial for success, as they emphasize individual connections over complex digital marketing strategies. 

  • The Impact of Technology on Network Marketing

Technology plays a vital role in simplifying network marketing procedures and enhancing individual connections. With the advent of mobile-first strategies, network marketers are equipped with tools for effective onboarding, social media marketing, and data retention. 

  • Compensation Plan and Structure in Network Marketing

Understanding the compensation plan and structure in network marketing is essential as it helps network marketers progress and assists others in the organization. 


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Realize the power of simplicity and authenticity in winning the network marketing game.
  • Grasp the compensation plan and structure’s nuances in network marketing, and its profound effects on your bottom line.
  • See how technology has become the wind beneath the wings of successful network marketers.
  • Understand the pivotal role of leadership in building a prosperous network marketing venture.
  • Develop effective prospecting and follow-up skills to propel your network marketing endeavors to new horizons.


“Network marketing is about changing lives. It’s about helping people believe that anything is possible. Keep the focus on sponsoring, not just recruiting, and empower others to achieve success.” – Patrick Shaw



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