Stephanie McManus: Naked Confidence

Stephanie McManus had always felt trapped in a never-ending battle with body image, until one day, everything changed. Little did she know that a simple photo shoot would unravel the transformative power of embracing nakedness. As her gown fell to the ground, so did her insecurities, leaving Stephanie feeling liberated and empowered. Now, she’s on a mission to share this life-altering experience with others, but what she discovers next will leave you in awe…

About Stephanie McManus:

Stephanie McManus is a trailblazer in the field of naked healing, helping individuals rewrite their stories and cultivate self-acceptance. With a master’s degree in nursing science and a personal journey of overcoming eating disorders and body dysmorphia, Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her work. Her mission is to create a safe space for people to explore and embrace their bodies, free from societal expectations and self-judgment. Stephanie believes that true healing begins with vulnerability, and she encourages her clients to shed their clothes and their inhibitions to uncover the beauty and strength within themselves. Through her guidance and support, Stephanie empowers individuals to let go of shame and embrace their nakedness, leading to a profound sense of liberation and self-love. With Stephanie’s expertise, anyone can embark on a transformative journey towards body acceptance and a more positive relationship with themselves.

In this episode, Jennie and Stephanie discuss:

  • Discover the transformative power of nakedness
    Stephanie McManus discusses her journey of self-discovery and healing, emphasizing the freedom and self-awareness that emerged from embracing her nakedness.
  • Embrace vulnerability and experience profound healing
    This vulnerability results in a deeper and more authentic connection with oneself, ultimately leading to profound healing and personal growth.
  • Join the Naked Healing Boot Camp for an empowering journey
    The Naked Healing Boot Camp, facilitated by Stephanie, is a transformative program designed to embolden women through physical, mental, and emotional healing processes.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the transformative power of embracing nakedness for personal growth.
  • Learn self-care strategies specifically tailored for direct sales professionals to boost confidence and success.
  • Unlock the healing benefits of participating in a Naked Healing Boot Camp.
  • Harness the power of self-acceptance to improve body image and cultivate a positive relationship with your body.
  • Transform your mindset and embrace vulnerability to unlock personal growth and happiness.

“Embrace your body, witness yourself fully self-expressed, and feel at home inside of who you are and the skin that you’re in.” – Stephanie McManus








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