Arin Fugate: Six-Figure Success Leader

Join us as we delve into the world of network marketing with Arin Fugate, a successful leader who went from a washed-out party girl to achieving six-figure success. Discover the secrets to building a thriving team and achieving financial success, but be prepared for unexpected challenges along the way that will test Arin’s resolve like never before. Will she overcome them and emerge victorious? Tune in to find out.

About Arin Fugate:

Arin Fugate has over 15 years of experience in sales and team building. She loves teaching vision-led entrepreneurs about her favorite wellness tools. Her top-rated podcast Jasmine & Juniper empowers women to turn their pain into their purpose. Arin lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and two young children.

In this episode, Jennie and Arin discuss:

  • Mastering Direct Sales Success
    Navigating the world of direct sales requires strategic skills and a determined mindset, which Arin Fugate perfectly exemplifies in her six-figure success story. Despite facing numerous obstacles and limited resources, Arin managed to create a profitable business in an industry she previously knew little about.
  • Building a Thriving Network Marketing Team
    Arin Fugate emphasizes the significance of connecting with influential individuals who are passionate about the product and capable of inspiring trust in their personal networks.
  • Unleashing Personal Development and Mindset Work
    Arin’s story is a powerful reminder that network marketing success can be a transformative journey of personal development and emphasizes the importance of ongoing mindset work to propel any aspiring network marketer to success.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Mastering Direct Sales Success: Uncover the secrets to boosting your income and achieving success in direct sales.
  • Building a Thriving Network Marketing Team: Learn how to inspire and lead your team to reach new heights in network marketing.
  • Unleashing Personal Development and Mindset Work: Discover the power of personal growth and mindset shifts in propelling your network marketing career forward.
  • Finding Influencers in Network Marketing: Uncover the strategies to connect with influential figures and amplify your network marketing efforts.
  • Balancing Work and Self-Care in Network Marketing: Explore effective ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance while excelling in network marketing.

“Treat everyone like they’re the top leader in your company and don’t expect anyone to do anything. So make sure that you’re working harder than anyone on your team. ” 

–Arin Fugate


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