Marci Barker: How to Hold Your Self Accountable

If you thought personal accountability was just about self-discipline, think again. In this revealing conversation, Marci Barker shares a surprising journey of personal growth and the unexpected creation of an accountability code. Discover how she turned her struggles into a powerful framework, and how you can wake up and show up as your best self with her game-changing insights. Ready to uncover the unexpected power of personal accountability? Stay tuned for more.

About Marci Barker:

Marci Barker, a business coach specializing in accountability for business owners, is a mother of four daughters and a successful entrepreneur with a knack for automating and scaling businesses. With a background in fitness and personal training, Marci’s journey from macro coaching to mindset coaching has led her to her current role in life and business coaching. Her personal story of overcoming challenges and continuously evolving her approach to achieving growth and success makes her an inspiring and relatable guest for anyone seeking to enhance their personal accountability and growth strategies.

In this episode, Jennie and Marci discuss:

  • Master Personal Accountability
    Personal accountability, as explored by Marci Barker, is a dynamic tool for achieving goals and fostering personal growth. It encapsulates owning up to decisions and actions, emphasizing one’s role in shaping success or failure. 
  • Unlock Transformative Principles
    Marci introduces the Accountability Code, a transformative approach that features six essential steps: reflection, humility, planning, implementation, commitment, and feedback. 
  • Align Actions with Intentions
    Alignment of actions with intentions is instrumental for tangible success, as Marci articulates. It involves making conscious, purposeful decisions that reflect your values and aspirations. 

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the art of personal accountability to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Discover the transformative power of The Accountability Code principles for personal growth.
  • Learn how to effectively align your actions with your intentions to create impactful results.
  • Overcome life’s challenges through the strength of self-accountability and resilience.
  • Uncover the profound impact of reflection on setting and achieving your goals.

“Accountability only works if people are honest about what they want to do.” 

–Marci Barker




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