Christie Ruffino: From Mess to Message

In this can’t-miss episode, Jenny invites the incredible Christie Ruffino, a bestselling author with 15 books under her belt and an exceptional prophetize your purpose coach, to share her journey from being a broke single mom to leading a successful entrepreneurial life. 

About Christie Ruffino:

Christie Ruffino knows what it feels like to be weighed down by challenges that seemed impossible to overcome, yet she did. Instead of saying, “why me”, she said, “what’s next” and allowed her mess to guide her into discovering her true life’s purpose. She then went on to make an even bigger impact by sharing that journey and wisdom with others to equip them to have a profitable business following their life purpose as well.

From a broke single mom to a top-rated podcast host, Best-Selling Author with 15 books, and Profitize Your Purpose™ Coach, Christie loves guiding entrepreneurs through her process to harness the power of story, systems, and community to build a more dynamic brand, attract more clients, and make more money.

In this episode, Jennie and Christie discuss:

  • Harnessing the power of your own story, systems, and community to create a dynamic brand that attracts clients and boosts your income.
  • How she climbed her way up from challenges and utilized life experiences to find her purpose with a big ‘P’. 
  • Identifying your unique signature story and utilizing it to leave a lasting impact on your audience. 
  • Leveraging co-authored books to economically and effectively build your organization and brand presence. 

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Christie Ruffino shares her journey from being a broke single mother to founding a women’s networking organization with 40 chapters across multiple states. She discusses the importance of finding one’s purpose—a blend of personal passion, skills, and life experiences—and explains how this alignment facilitates success.
  • Furthermore, Christie touches upon technological advancements, such as AI, that simplify the process for individuals seeking to hone and share their impactful stories through publishing. 
  • Christie introduces the “Profitize Your Purpose Power Pack,” which contains an audio affirmation track and training modules, including a roadmap for creating a six-figure business.

“You’re looking to leverage your story in a way that is going to position you in your area, what you want to do is put together your signature story. This is your core message and the value of being in a co-authored book.” 

–Christie Ruffino


Profitize Your Purpose™ Power Pack

The ultimate resource bundle to embrace your big mission and have a profitable business that lights you up.




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