Kayla Trautmann: A Delicious Journey in Direct Sales

Join Kayla Trautmann as she takes us through her accidental yet life-transforming journey into direct sales – from a side gig in college to launching her own thriving business that even helped save her marriage! Discover how focusing on service and believing in your products can shatter the fear of judgment and skyrocket your success.

About Kayla Trautmann:

Kayla Trautmann, a wife, mom, and business owner, has been proudly building her business from home for a decade now. What started as a delicious accident, attending a party and deciding to join for the awesome business kit, has turned out to be a life-changing career and income. All accomplishments, income, and achievements like incentive trips aside…. her favorite part of the business has always been and continues to be… helping others create even bigger success.

In this episode, Jennie and Kayla discuss:

  • The difference between relationship selling and conscious sales
  • How to build rapport with potential customers by asking the right questions. 
  • Being a representative of Epicure
  • Insights on leadership, business growth, and personal development. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Pivotal Moments in Kayla’s Life 

From serendipitous beginnings to career-defining moments, Kayla Trautmann recounts an unexpected decade-long direct sales journey that changed her life.

  • Kayla’s Personal Narrative

We follow Kayla Trautmann’s personal narrative as she evolves from a college student exploring home decor to finding her true calling in the food party business, a decision that not only transformed her professional life but also played a pivotal role in saving her marriage by easing financial tensions. 

  • Conscious Selling and Epicure Career

Listeners will gain insights into the art of relationship and conscious selling, the skill of rapport-building, the right questioning techniques, and the critical role of following up with potential customers. Kayla Trautmann, representing Epicure, illustrates how their all-natural offerings can revolutionize the way we approach healthy eating.

“When you either get to the place where you decide that it’s more important to go help people, it’s too precious of a gift to give. And you’re not going to let your ego or your fears or your hesitation or what people will think of you stand in the way. That’s when change happens.” 

–Kayla Trautmann


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