Stacey Hall: Sell More by Simply Suggesting (and other business-building nuggets!)

About Stacey Hall:

Stacey Hall has extensive experience as a podcast host and guest. She is a featured columnist in The Network Marketing Magazine. Her thought pieces have also appeared in Authority Magazine, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, CEO World Magazine, and spotlighted on the National Association of Sales Professionals website.

She has coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to attract sales, satisfaction, and success. She is a bestselling author, a TEDx presenter, and a leading social media marketing expert. She is the founder of Success with Stacey Hall and of the groundbreaking social media marketing training program, Go for YES, which has helped thousands of people attract more sales, customer, and employee satisfaction and success.

Her 5th #1 book is ‘Selling from Your Comfort Zone: The Power of Alignment Marketing’ (BK Publishers, July 26, 2022).

In this episode, Jennie Bellinger and Stacey Hall discuss:

  • Stacey’s inspiring story of joining a network marketing company despite initial skepticism
  • The importance of constructing your story in a way that focuses on the audience rather than the product
  • Sharing your story with the right people who are looking for information to solve their problem
  • The mindset shift from selling to sharing solutions with others
  • Allowing team members to choose their level of involvement and providing necessary support

Key Takeaways:

  • A life-changing product experience can be a powerful motivator for joining a network marketing company, even if you were initially skeptical.
  • Engaging people and driving curiosity requires crafting your story in a manner that emphasizes the audience’s needs rather than solely focusing on the product itself.
  • Network marketers should concentrate on sharing the solutions they’ve discovered with those who are actively seeking information to address their specific problems and are receptive to recommendations.
  • Leaders must acknowledge the unique experiences and selling approaches of each team member, focusing on leading by example instead of holding others accountable.
  • Selling from your comfort zone and mastering the art of suggestion can lead to success in network marketing.

“So I’m not just telling my team, go to this training. I’m saying, this is why this training is important. And if you don’t see me there. I’ll be watching the replay. And then afterward, here’s what I got from the training. What did you get?” — Stacey Hall

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