Dr. Fanny Leboulanger: Sexyfied Life and Business

About Dr. Fanny Leboulanger:

Dr. Fanny Leboulanger is a French (without a French accent) physician and is a sassy self-love and pleasure coach, and a recovering self-hater. After many years of practicing gynecology on a daily basis, she noticed something was missing… She decided to use her skills to help people fall in love again with themselves, step out of sexual numbness & boredom, life auto-pilot, and self-hate (and yes, they work together). With a coaching methodology combining ancient wisdom and up-to-date scientific tools, a bilingual podcast, and a French sense of humor, she dedicates her life to helping people build their own Sexyfied lives. She helps people reclaim the Lifegasm they deserve, with thriving sex as a bonus.

In this episode, Jennie Bellinger and Dr. Fanny Leboulanger discuss:

  • The transformative journey from a healthcare professional to becoming a self-love and pleasure coach
  • The challenges of sexual boredom and autopilot living for a more ‘sexified’ and fulfilling existence
  • The significance of personal empowerment in business and the ability to tackle difficulties effectively
  • The limitations of superficial self-help solutions and the necessity for profound personal work
  • The cultural and individual considerations within the scope of sexual health and coaching

Key Takeaways:

  • The podcast emphasizes the vital role personal pleasure and self-love play in enhancing professional success and personal relationships.
  • Dr. Fanny Leboulanger’s transformative journey from medicine to self-love coaching, prompted by an epilepsy diagnosis, highlights the importance of addressing deep-seated issues like self-hate and trauma.
  • By exploring cultural perceptions of the human body and sexuality, the podcast underscores the value of respecting cultural nuances in achieving personalized self-development.
  • With the introduction of coaching strategies such as managing inner critical voices through boundary-setting, the podcast offers practical tools for fostering a healthier self-image.
  • Listeners gain exclusive access to complimentary coaching sessions, discounts, and Dr. Leboulanger’s ebook ‘Essence,’ promoting body positivity and personal growth.

“Owning your pleasure can transform not just your private life but also how you show up in your business. It’s about being true to yourself and your essence, which radiates strength.” — Dr. Fanny Leboulanger


  • One free session to the first 10 people who come from the podcast ( one discovery call and one free session) 
  • + a 10% discount on my coaching packages for people coming from the show
  • free ebook, called “Essence, Awaken Your Body to Reclaim the Pleasure to Feel Alive”: http://www.fannyleboulanger.com/essence

Connect with Dr. Fanny Leboulanger:  

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