Lynette Robinson: Your Why and Why NOT…

About Lynette Robinson:

Lynette Esperanza Robinson is a business strategist, expert sales coach, certified master life coach, certified elite speaker, highly sought-after podcast guest and serial entrepreneur.

Lynette has had the opportunity to work with high-performing entrepreneurs at every stage of their businesses across multiple different industries, including health and wellness, music, coaching, franchising, and e-commerce.

Her high-level knowledge of each sector, combined with her genuine desire to support others to step into the best version of themselves, has helped her clients achieve groundbreaking results.

Lynette has been able to help her clients 10x and sometimes even 12x their sales to dramatically increase their income and impact, using her powerful combination of customized sales systems and potent business strategies along with a science-backed mindset and energetics coaching.

In this episode, Jennie Bellinger and Lynette Robinson discuss:

  • Transitioning from a musician to a thriving entrepreneur by harnessing the power of teaching sales skills
  • The myths of being ‘salesy’ and embracing sales as a form of help and service to others
  • The different customer types, focusing on guiding the majority who seek solutions
  • The importance of granting oneself the permission to chase dreams in entrepreneurial ventures
  • The consistency of personal growth challenges and developing strategies to overcome them

Key Takeaways:

  • Reap the transformative results of blending proven mindset strategies with a spiritually aligned approach to amplify the impact of your sales.
  • Waiting for the world to give you permission to succeed is unnecessary; the power to take action toward one’s aspirations lies within.
  • Growth is a constant across life’s stages, reflecting the need to unearth and overcome personal barriers as they reshuffle themselves in various forms.
  • The lifelong process of decluttering your mindset is critical to achieving sales mastery, and continually fostering growth and learning.
  • Networks like coaching and supportive resources can appear serendipitously to help you along your personal and professional growth path.

“When you understand your ‘why’, and start tackling your ‘why not’, you unlock the true potential and the path to your dreams.” — Lynette Robinson

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