Leslie Chermak: It’s What’s Between Our Ears That Limits Us

About Leslie Chermak: Leslie Chermak is a wife, a mom, and is passionate about encouraging women. She focuses on leading a life of mind, body, and purpose and helps others do the same. As a visionary, she loves being with people, creating a plan, and implementing that plan. In working with others, she supports women in creating their own vision and action plan to feel inspired and empowered to live a life with purpose.

Leslie has spent over 20+ years in the wellness industry and the latter half of that building a virtual wellness business where she’s had the opportunity to help her team grow and develop their businesses, as well as themselves. Prior to that, she rose to the top of a highly competitive and exclusive day spa in the Twin Cities, where she developed a nationally implemented training program. One could say leading and growing others is simply in her DNA!

In this episode, Jennie and Leslie discuss:

  • Yearning for something more, something bigger, and using personal development to achieve it.
  • Improving relationships and building confidence through business.
  • Overcoming the fears that come with direct sales marketing.
  • Utilizing discipline and setting boundaries to be successful while working from home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get a mentor, connect, and learn from other leaders and utilize your team for encouragement.
  • Motivate yourself, be sure to utilize other resources, and take one step at a time.
  • The only failure in direct sales is quitting or giving up, everything else is a learning opportunity.
  • Four tips to success: 1. Claim your territory
    2. have a family meeting set boundaries
    3. block your time
    4. stick to it.

“It’s what’s between our ears that stops us and keeps us from moving forward.”

 —  Leslie Chermak

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