Debra Baez – Struggle is the Opportunity for Growth

  • About Debra Baez: She is passionate about health and healing of the body, mind and spirit. Her purpose is to guide others in passing down healthier and healed cycles as legacies. She is a servant leader, Latinx/ Chicana, daughter of a Mexican immigrant elder mother and a deceased Chicano father. She is a bilingual, biliterate mom of 2 and former formal educator in the school system and currently an educator in wellness, and certified healer.

    In this episode, Jennie and Debra discuss:

    • Finding purpose in times of struggle
    • Creating overall well-being 
    • Networking done right 
    • Being grateful for where you are 

      Key Takeaways:

    • It’s important for you to find purpose, especially in times of struggle. Learn from other people, but also learn more about yourself – dive deep within and figure out your “why”. 
    • Health is all about creating wellness in your being as a whole. You can have a healthier gut, but if the mind and spirit are not healed, we will not be happy since we are not fully healed. 
    • When networking is done right, your connection and relationship with people becomes about giving value and receiving it instead of taking and taking. Recognize your clients or people who’ve helped you, show your gratitude. 
    • Know where you want to go and be grateful for how you got to where you are. Celebrate your current victories as you strive to be successful in however you define the word. 

“It’s not just about reading and learning all the time, it’s about doing the inner work. I firmly believe that the inner work is where we uncover and remember who we are and what our purpose is. Everything we bring with us is a piece of that story.” —  Debra Baez 

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