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About Rebecca Cramer: Rebecca Cramer is an experienced digital marketing professional. She is a social selling master who specializes in coaching business owners to leverage their company’s own unique story in order to increase their social selling metrics and blow away their audience with a masterful use of digital marketing tools through implementing a strategy customized to their needs and goals.


In this episode, Jennie and Rebecca discuss:

  • How to get people to buy your products
  • Social selling points to growing your business 
  • Purchasing the product or availing the services of the people you personally know
  • Explaining your personal whys


Key Takeaways:

  • The key to getting people to buy your products is having the right product. Some people may want to buy from you, but the products you offer don’t match their needs.
  • Social selling involves using social media to connect with your audience and do business with them. In order to grow your business through social selling, you must provide value, create a call to action, and take steps to make it happen.
  • It shouldn’t always be a matter of where is convenient or where is more comfortable. If we personally know someone who provides the same level of service but to whom we feel more connected since we have already established a special relationship, it is sometimes better to buy from or use their services.
  • Explaining the reasons why you made the decision that you did while staying authentic about everything else in your life will allow you to establish a connection with others which could lead to them buying your products or services.


“If you want to do business with people, you have to be interested in them and there has to be that human to human connections, then they’ll have to fall in love with the product and/or service” – Rebecca Cramer


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