James Hipkin: Pathways to Your Top Customers

About James Hipkin: Over a 40-year career, James worked in marketing and advertising at a high level. Since 2010, he has built his clients’ businesses with digital marketing.

James is an accomplished, forward-thinking marketing professional. His clients included Sprint, Apple, Wells Fargo online bank, Nestlé, and Toyota. They appreciate his practical, no-nonsense approach. He has scars and many stories to share.

His stories are always valuable and entertaining. His humor and infectious good-natured approach to marketing are fun and practical. But he never loses track of what’s important. Marketing, done well, creates value for customers and the business.

In this episode, Jennie and James discuss:

  • A company’s website is its most valuable digital asset
  • How page load speed affects user experience
  • The importance of pulling a customer list
  • The pathways conversation
  • Stop calling it a sales call.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is through your business/company’s website that you can get your message across to your best prospects and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Therefore, focus on the problem of your audience on your website to engage them, so they’ll let you offer a solution.
  • An important factor in determining trustworthiness is page load speed. Slow-loading pages lead to lower customer confidence and trust, resulting in lower conversion rates for your business.
  • You can use a spreadsheet to organize your customer list based on types of customers and categories if your company has been around for a while. By doing this, you will very quickly determine who your best customers are, which will also indicate who your best prospects are.
  • You have to accept as a marketer that the majority of people aren’t going to see what you’re saying. But when they do see it, you have to say the right things, you have to catch their attention because you understand the problem they have suddenly uncovered – that’s where mapping the customer journey becomes so vital. 
  • Stop calling it a sales call because nobody wants to be sold. You should instead attract them at the top with messaging that resonates with where they are on their journey, cultivate a relationship with microtransactions, and close the funnel with an enrollment conversation to ensure that you’re supporting the customer’s journey.

“90% of sales of loyalty problems can be traced to a flawed sales process, and the website is one of your best platforms to support that sales process. Because in this world, everybody is going to the website before they talk to you, they’re looking for confirmation that you understand their problem and if you can do that, then the engagement conversation becomes an enrollment conversation versus a sales call.” – James Hipkin


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