Tara Wagner: Amp Your Biz Without Burnout

About Tara Wagner: Tara Wagner is a Breakthrough coach for small business owners struggling with burnout. She helps you create full-time profits with a part-time schedule; not with some new marketing strategy, but with a whole new approach to how you operate.

In this episode, Jennie and Tara discuss:

  • The honeymoon phase of burnout
  • Making decisions on a bad day
  • The best ways to avoid burnout
  • Zooming out and planning out your goals

Key Takeaways:

  • The honeymoon phase is one filled with positivity and optimism, but it has zero boundaries and is addicting, which leads to unhealthy habits and unhealthy decisions that will eventually burn you out.
  • It’s never a good idea to make big decisions on a bad day, especially if it’s about quitting.
  • The first step towards preventing burnout is to know your values and long-term goals, keep on track toward those goals and then take good care of your physical health.
  • If you can zoom out, see the bigger picture, and plan more strategically instead of going off your emotions, then you can amp your business up for this without getting burned out.


“As business owners, you’re gonna have your employee hat on sometimes, sit down, and do the work you need to do. But you gotta have more time with that CEO hat on so that you make sure you’re doing the right things.” – Tara Wagner


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