Frank Agin: Foundational Networking

About Frank Agin: Frank Agin is president of AmSpirit Business Connections, which empowers entrepreneurs, sales representatives, and professionals to become successful through networking.

He also hosts the weekly Networking Rx podcast, which provides insights and advice for becoming more successful through networking as well as hosts the daily micro podcast Networking Rx Minute, which provides short messages of inspiration and recommended action.

Finally, Frank has written numerous articles on professional networking and is the author of several books, including Foundational Networking: Building Know, Like, and Trust to Create a Lifetime of Extraordinary Success.

In this episode, Jennie and Frank discuss:

  • How to choose a networking group
  • Tips for new networkers 
  • The power of volunteering
  • The key to successful networking is giving.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whether you do BNI or not, just find a networking group that works for you. Talk to the people there in the group and get a sense that they’re getting to know you, and you should do the same.
  • Find ways to add value to other people, and don’t have these preconceived notions about who people are and what they’re going to do.
  • Find what you’re passionate about to get out into your community and volunteer – you’ll meet people who care about the same thing as you do, and they’ll learn about you.
  • The key to successful networking is that giving mentality. What you do, and what you get out of this world is tied to what you give, and a lot of great things come from just helping other people.


“The most valuable, least expensive thing we have to give in our network is our network itself to start making introductions of people.” – Frank Agin











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