Joanna Bloor: Fairytale Leadership

About Joanna Bloor: Joanna Bloor is a potentialist who has transformed thousands of lives worldwide. A former Silicon Valley executive, TED speaker, and trusted advisor to leaders worldwide, she’s been described as a “glittering buzzsaw that cuts through all the workplace BS.” Instead of platitudes and possibilities, Joanna rolls up her sleeves and jumps in with future-focused leadership to create experiences that bring their teams into the future.

Joanna’s upcoming book, Tales of Potential: The Cinderella Story You Haven’t Heard, flips the script on a famous and underestimated fairy tale ingenue to reveal real-life success lessons hidden in plain sight. It makes us wonder if we’ve got the wrong idea about Cinderella; maybe we have the wrong idea about each other too. The reframed story has much to teach modern professionals about the true nature of ambition, courage, risk-taking, generosity, and the key actions to take if you want to manifest your most sparkling future self.


In this episode, Jennie and Joanna discuss:

  • Making people recognize your potential 
  • Tales of leadership and potential
  • The intersection of ambition, leadership, and potential
  • The power of asking


Key Takeaways:

  • Step into the other person’s shoes and ask what’s in it for them and how you can help them see how to ask for you. The potential is infinitely easier to recognize when it looks and sounds like you infinitely.
  • Take opportunities to a whole new level just like what Cinderella did. If you have any dreams that you want to have come true, you have to figure out how to make your potential easy to recognize and remember.
  • Ambitions are as unique as a pendant fingerprint. When you are curious and don’t assume what someone’s ambitions are, they will tell you all kinds of things, and helping someone to think through what they want for their future without judgment or assumption is one of the most empowering conversations you can have.
  • To succeed in direct sales, you have to ask people, especially your team what they want. Growing a team and leading the team to achieve their goals is the fastest way to succeed.


“If you have an ambition, how do you make it easy for the people who can say yes to your ambition to say yes? Everybody makes a decision in a room that you’re not in about whether they’re going to say yes to the future you or not.” – Joanna Bloor


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