Lisa Jadis: We Can’t Control Inflation, We Can Control Adding Streams of Income

From skeptic to essential oil evangelist, Lisa Jadis’ journey takes an unexpected twist with the creation of her Fearless Blend. But the true surprise lies in the transformation it brings to those who use it. Are you ready to tap into your own strength and resilience? Keep listening to this episode.


About Lisa Jadis:

Meet Lisa Jadis, a powerhouse entrepreneur with an incredibly diverse career – from working on Wall Street to representing the spa industry. Now, she devotes her time to working full-time for her sister’s company and growing her Young Living business. Lisa’s passion for helping people has driven her to become a serial entrepreneur, and her expertise lies in empowering others through essential oils and Fearless Blend, enabling them to embrace their fears.


In this episode, Jennie and Steve discuss:

  • Fearlessness in business and life
  • Personal development and network marketing
  • Getting fence sitters off the fence
  • Overcoming skepticism about essential oils


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the benefits of focusing on helping others in network marketing, rather than chasing profits.
  • Master techniques for dealing with rejection and overcoming the fear of saying no in direct sales.
  • Realize the significance of personal growth and locate a company with shared values.
  • Empower yourself using essential oils, Fearless Blend, and turning fear into a catalyst for growth.
  • Find your unique business voice, speak your truth, and give your profession the recognition it deserves.


“Utilize each and every moment to the best possibility that you can.” – Lisa Jadis











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