Jennie Bellinger Gets Interviewed by Matt Drinkhahn

Brace yourself for something new! For once, the host becomes the interviewee, and interviewing Jennie Bellinger is guest host Matt Drinkhahn. 

In this episode of Badass Direct Sales Mastery, discover the untold journey of Jennie Bellinger, a true chameleon who defied the odds. Her path to success was a winding road, shaped by her battle with ADHD. But it was an unexpected twist that revealed her true nature as an ambivert. How did this revelation transform her life and career? Join us as we uncover Jennie’s remarkable story of resilience, self-discovery, and finding fulfillment in direct sales coaching…


About Jennie Bellinger:

Jennie Bellinger, a skilled Direct Sales Leader, propels businesses and individuals, fostering success. With a proven formula, she guides clients – from mid-level leaders to solo entrepreneurs – in elevating sales, recruiting top team members, and winning coveted company trips. Jennie also champions direct sales mompreneurs through her impactful podcast and a supportive community called Badass Direct Sales Mastery, inspiring them to be empowering role models for their children.


In this episode, Matt and Jennie discuss:

  • Jennie’s ADHD journey and adaptability.
  • Career path from ADHD to coaching.
  • ADHD challenges and impact.
  • Passion for helping moms find fulfillment.
  • Self-discovery: Ambivert nature realization.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover robust strategies for mothers seeking to dive into direct sales, helping them to achieve both professional satisfaction and personal fulfillment.
  • Get acquainted with methods to effectively deal with ADHD, turning it into a strength on your journey to professional success.
  • Discover the pivotal role joy plays in both personal relationships and professional life and how to keep the element of fun alive.
  • Comprehend the implications and usefulness of the DISC personality system, improving your decision-making and communication skills.
  • Explore book recommendations aimed at driving personal growth and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.


“I choose love and light. I choose happiness, I choose joy.” – Jennie Bellinger





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Matt Drinkhahn is a proud father of 3 young ladies and a happy husband to his queen Julie. He has $130M+ in career sales, 2500+ employees/direct reports/independent contractors. He helps recovering perfectionists keep things simple (and grow their businesses while doing it)! He also hosts The Eternal Optimist Podcast, which launched on May 13, 2022!



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