Marlee Kivens: Do Your Business Like There’s No Tomorrow!

If you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged because despite your efforts in cold calling and attending networking events, you’re still not closing enough sales and achieving the success you desire, then you are not alone! Many direct sales professionals find themselves in this same predicament, wondering why their hard work is not yielding the desired outcome. Instead of seeing an increase in sales and commissions, they may be facing rejection, wasted time, and a dwindling motivation to keep going.

About Marlee Kivens:

Marlee grew up in St. Louis Park, MN and has lived in Minnetonka MN for 25 years. Previously she has been an Administrative Manager in various twin cities companies. The longest-running job she had in this field was in her father’s company which he owned for more than 30 years in South Minneapolis. The company sold cemetery memorials, granite countertops, and concrete decorative items. She ran the company during her father’s health issues, and semi-retirement to Florida in the winters. She started at the age of eight and learned everything from the bottom up. Marlee’s father sold the company in 2005 to an out-of-state competitor.

Marlee has been with Pampered Chef for eight years. She was awarded a very prestigious sales award at her National Conference called “Excellence Award for Personal Sales” for 2020-2021. (Only the top 4% of Pampered Chef Consultants earn this.). Marlee was also awarded Top Sales Recognition in 2020 within her Team and ranked 12th overall in personal sales for 2020 on her Executive Director’s team – which includes hundreds of consultants. She also earned her first incentive trip in 2022 to Grapevine Texas.

In this episode, Jennie and Marlee discuss:

  • Boost motivation with success stories

Understanding Marlee’s journey and her unwavering determination, despite her physical disabilities, reinforces the idea that with the right mindset, resourcefulness, and support, success is not only attainable but inevitable.

  • Explore independent cooking with Pampered Chef

Being part of Pampered Chef not only opens doors for business opportunities but can also empower individuals to achieve independence in their daily tasks, such as cooking. 

  • Understand values in direct sales

Embodying customer-centric values, being candid about product feedback, and demonstrating exceptional customer service, like Marlee, not only builds trust but also fuels business growth. 

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Boost your motivation with inspiring direct sales success stories.
  • Discover the endless possibilities of independent cooking with Pampered Chef products.
  • Uncover the importance of values in choosing the right direct sales opportunity.
  • Explore the virtual consulting trend and learn how to transition effectively in direct sales.
  • Learn the secret to exceptional customer service and honesty in direct sales.

“Be a role model for your children, show them that you can do this.” 

–Marlee Kivens


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