Jordan Adler: Six Figure Success – Stop Trading Time for Money

Join host Jennie Bellinger as she interviews Jordan Adler, a top earner in the direct sales industry, in this episode of the Badass Direct Sales Mastery podcast. Discover Jordan’s secrets to setting up appointments and giving presentations that consistently lead to new distributors. But what happens when Jordan faces a setback that threatens his entire business? Find out in this suspenseful episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

About Jordan Adler:

Jordan was involved in 10 network marketing companies in his first 11 years in the business and never signed up a single distributor. At the age of 34 years old, he had less than $200 in the bank. He had $36,000 in credit card debt on 22 credit cards. He was living in a garage in Tempe, AZ and his rent was $200 a month. His jeep had been broken down for 2 years and he was taking a bus to work. His job paid him $14,000 a year after the airline he worked for had just filed bankruptcy. 36 months later, Jordan became a top earner in his company of 2 1/2 million distributors and went on to make $20 million in network marketing.

Jordan has built businesses consisting of over 200,000 distributors and nearly 500,000 customers in countries all over the globe. He’s a builder, speaker, leader, trainer, and motivator. His audiences are mesmerized by his stories that inspire belief and action. Jordan sees himself as a dream broker. He lives his personal dreams on a large scale and then inspires others to go for theirs.


In this episode, Jennie and Jordan discuss:

  • Mastering relationship building

Jordan Adler emphasizes the significance of nurturing your network and applying lessons learned from mentors and successful professionals. 

  • Effective appointment and presentation strategies

Understanding your potential client’s needs is the crux of effective appointments and presentations. Jordan’s approach involved giving regular presentations, tailoring them to suit the concerns of his audience.

  • Consistency and passive income

His enduring belief in the power of accumulating passive income aligns with the ultimate objective of gaining financial autonomy and breaking free from trading time for money.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the art of building and nurturing relationships to create a strong network that supports your growth.
  • Learn the secrets to setting up appointments and presentations that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.
  • Discover the power of consistency and how it can lead to passive income streams in your direct sales business.
  • Develop the perseverance needed to overcome challenges and stay motivated, so you never give up on reaching your goals.
  • Gain insights into making smart financial decisions and investments that will help you secure a stable and prosperous future in direct sales.

“Invest in yourself and your future. Make smart financial decisions and build wealth that lasts a lifetime.” 

–Jordan Adler






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Show Notes by Podcastologist: Hanz Jimuel Alvarez

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