Bridget Bennett: BIFF the Narcissists Out of Your Life

Have you heard these common myths about dealing with narcissistic individuals during divorce and co-parenting? Myth 1: They will change their behavior for the sake of the children. Myth 2: They can be reasoned with using logic and empathy. Myth 3: Their charm and manipulation tactics will not affect legal proceedings. Bridget Bennett will share the truth about navigating these challenges and prioritizing well-being and legal boundaries.

About Bridget Bennett:

Bridget Bennett is a freelance paralegal specializing in high-conflict custody and divorce cases, with a focus on communicating with narcissistic individuals and navigating the family court system. She provides crucial support by preparing legal documents and guiding clients through emotionally charged situations. As a survivor of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual abuse my personal experiences provide me with the ability to have a holistic and empathetic approach to helping others in similar situations. Bridget is certified by the High Conflict Institute to identify high-conflict personalities through divorce and high-conflict communication.

In this episode, Jennie and Bridget discuss:

  • Establishing clear legal boundaries: 

When facing high-conflict personalities, it’s crucial to set legal boundaries. Bridget Bennett emphasizes the need for a firm legal approach, such as having a clear custody order or divorce decree in place if dealing with a narcissistic ex-partner. 

  • Utilizing low-contact communication strategies: 

A crucial component for dealing with narcissistic individuals is adjusting the way one communicates. Bridget Bennett advises maintaining low contact or using smart communication strategies like asking pointed questions in a friendly yet firm manner. 

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Navigate and protect yourself from narcissistic behavior.
  • Establish clear legal boundaries for a smoother divorce process.
  • Utilize effective low-contact communication strategies for co-parenting.
  • Learn to recognize and address different forms of abuse in divorce situations.
  • Prioritize self-control and self-care techniques for emotional well-being.

“We can only control ourselves and the things that we do, and we cannot control the narcissist. We cannot control how they’re parenting the children during their parenting time. We cannot control what goes on in their home. We can only control what happens in our home during our time with our kids.” 

–Bridget Bennett


A free week in our community weekly group where we discuss high-conflict co-parenting communication.

Guests bring the current or recurrent communication issues with their toxic/narcissistic co-parent and together we work through the messages and learn the BIFF method of communication.


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