Laura Lake: Finding Your Core Story

In this episode, Laura shares her inspiring story of surviving seven near-death experiences, overcoming mental health struggles, and transforming her perceived weaknesses into a powerful message that resonates with others. Laura’s journey is a testament to the power of storytelling and how it can help you find your purpose, connect with others, and make a positive impact in the world. Tune in now and discover how to unlock your full potential as a mess-to-message entrepreneur.

About Laura Lake:

Laura Lake has spoken at Harvard University, is a 2x #1 international bestselling author, the host of bLU Talks: Amplify Your Message, and is currently writing her TEDx talk called The Good Day Cookie.

After almost dying 7 times, Laura passionately studied holistic health with a focus on mental health & human connection. She mindfully combines well-being, high performance, marketing, and storytelling into events like the Solopreneur Conference, talks like “The 4 Ways We Fail”, and concepts like CREATING vs FINDING clients.

In this episode, Jennie and Laura discuss:

  • Laura’s incredible journey of surviving seven near-death experiences and overcoming mental health struggles
  • Laura’s role in helping clients transform their perceived weaknesses into powerful messages that resonate with others.
  • The mindset shift required for entrepreneurs to recognize their own worth and value.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover a five-step guide to help direct sales professionals reach the top ten in their company
  • Learn how cosplay has helped Laura Lake embrace her authentic self
  • Explore how Laura Lake uses her experiences to inspire solopreneurs to elevate their stories and create meaningful change
  • Hear about the hosts’ unexpected appearances on top podcast lists and their excitement about being recognized
  • Uncover Laura Lake’s incredible story of surviving seven near-death experiences and how it led to the creation of her business
  • Discover how Laura Lake helps clients transform their perceived weaknesses into a powerful message that resonates with others

“Most communication is nonverbal. So then, what are people wearing? What are their facial expressions? How are they walking? How are they moving and interacting? What are they writing on social media? Is there consistency, tough authenticity through all of that so that I can feel like this person is safe?” –Laura Lake


Story Sessions help you identify, share, and convert your “mess to message” style story. Laura Lake will listen, ask questions, and guide you through her 5-step process so you can share the value in your story with courageous connection and finally start to CREATE clients vs FIND them.

Valued at $499.

Only ONE award will be given out.

This scholarship application is open to those who desire to get on more stages, write that book, do that interview, or share that message. From absolute beginners to skilled storytellers, there’s an elevation to explore.

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