Jeff Jordan & Colton Anson: How to Maximize Your Compensation Plan

About Jeff Jordan:

For over 30 years Jeff has been an integral part of the Direct Sales/Network Marketing Industry. Jeff has served as a successful distributor, corporate executive, and consultant. He has consulted with over 300 Direct Sales/MLM companies helping them grow their business into a successful enterprise. Jeff has written dozens of compensation plans designed with fairness to both distributors and companies.

He started in the industry as an independent distributor and within a few short months had achieved top ranks. After a successful run as a top distributor, Jeff joined the top Network Marketing training company (Millionaires in Motion) as VP of Sales and later became Executive VP.

Jeff went on to become a top consultant, specializing in sales, top distributor recruitment programs, as well as compensation plans and training programs.

Now Jeff leads a unique Direct Sales/Network Marketing compensation design and Analytics Company as President. With their proprietary software, they are able to analyze a company’s compensation plan and make recommendations to strengthen their plans.

About Colton Anson:

Colton Anson is an integral part of the Business Development Team for Uforek and is joining us today to share his experience of being a part of the compensation plan development.

In this episode, Jennie Bellinger, Jeff Jordan, and Colton Anson discuss:

  • Managing relationships and expectations with customers, team members, and potential recruits in the direct sales industry
  • The importance of compensation plans in driving desired behaviors and rewarding distributors
  • A unique binary compensation plan that addresses the disadvantages of traditional binary plans
  • Various bonuses and opportunities for individuals to earn income at different levels of commitment
  • The launch of Uforek, a new network marketing company with a range of products and a unique compensation plan

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the intricacies of a compensation plan can help distributors maximize their income potential and achieve success in their business.
  • Uforek’s modified binary compensation plan is designed to be more distributor-friendly, particularly for new members, by offering various bonuses and opportunities to earn money while building their binary.
  • The compensation plan caters to individuals at different levels of commitment, from new members to serious business builders and leaders, allowing them to earn income according to their efforts.
  • Uforek offers a range of products, including weight loss caramels, nootropics for cognitive performance, and CBD, which have been developed with the involvement of the speaker’s father.
  • The creators of Uforek have brought on experienced professionals, such as Jenny Bellinger, to help train and represent the company, thanks to the impressive team and products.

“They think [a comp plan is] all about numbers and charts, and it’s really not. It’s really about helping people get into a business and find success in that business.” — Jeff Jordan 

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