Sales Accelerator

What if you had a roadmap that showed you exactly how to accelerate your sales over the course of a year? Would you follow it?

In the Sales Accelerator program, you’ll get one activity per week for a whole year (or longer) that will help you increase your sales in your direct sales/network marketing business in a comfortable time frame.

You’ll also have once monthly group Q & A sessions with Jennie Bellinger, The Direct Sales Domme (a.k.a. the upline mentor you wish you had!).

And on top of all this, a social media group to ask questions in between sessions, and get extra monthly bonuses.

This program is one that is continually growing and evolving, so members get the new and better stuff faster!

Join the Sales Accelerator program TODAY!

Get Paid Every Day Training

In this short training, Jennie covers the simple system that helps direct sales and network marketing consultants who have monthly subscriptions or auto-ships to get paid everyday!

Included in the course are two tracking systems whether your company does monthly or bi monthly (or longer) subscriptions.

Build Your Business Over Coffee Mini Course

Jennie shares the system that:
*took her team to #1 in the world
*earned her 9 trips in 7 years
*made previous participants between $200 and $500 in COMMISSIONS in their next 30 days

No Product-Puking Pitch Mini-Course

This course will take fewer than 20 minutes to complete from start to finish and gives you a solid strategy to pitch yourself and NOT puke product all over friends, family and strangers.