Mara Graff: Make Sh*t Happen

About Mara:  Mara is a consultant that teaches new and stock small business owners the relationship building skills that they need to grow their business authentically. Mara takes the spam out of expanding a business on social media. Mara has a knack for training using basic, simple, and duplicatable systems. Mara has reached the top 3% of her company using the make sh*it happen tasks and systems that she teaches. 

Mara lives in Columbia Illinois, has been married for 21 years, is a mom to two, a bonus mom to one, and has two fur babies. Mara loves to read, hates to cook, and loves to cuss.

In this episode, Jennie and Mara discuss:

  • Being yourself to build a community of real relationships based on trust.
  • How to use social media to grow your business genuinely.
  • What does SH*T mean? How and when to share your SH*T.
  • Lose the negativity. Make people feel happy and inspired to be successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use social media in a way that isn’t spamming people. Get to know more about your customer so you know if you have a product that solves a problem or has value for them? Don’t make them feel like just another person you are selling to via social media.
  • Be a genuine friend and value your friends don’t look at people as an object, or a dollar sign.
  • SHIT
    • Share a smile, say something nice, pay them a compliment, say hello, whatever it takes to make them smile.
    • Help with something. Anything, maybe even just give a hug. Help with something in a non product driven way.
    • Inspiration. Inspire your friend in any way. Something as simple as a quote to lift them up.
    • Tell your friend something about yourself. Share yourself with them so that your life has positive and negative aspects just like anyone else. Build connections through your life experiences. By being upbeat through all of your experiences people will continue to follow you and enjoy your upbeat personality.
  • When you talk to people on social media ask yourself what you would say to this person if they were in front of you if you. Strive to have a regular conversation with them and find a way to relate with them. Don’t use the same script everyone else is using. Make your script personalized and relate to you so that you can sound original and be authentic.

“In this business we are looking for people who are going to be a potential customer, a potential team member, but you’re also looking for that cheer leader. The person that’s going to cheer you on all the way through” —  Mara Graff

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