Bruce Seidman: Winning Daily Behaviors

About Bruce Seidman: Bruce Seidman is 30 years ex-President/Owner Sandler Training Global HQ.
Bruce lives on Pawleys Island in South Carolina and coaches company owners and their key employees who absolutely strive to THRIVE (sales and especially non-selling professionals). His coaching is intense, intimate, and makes his clients tons of happiness (and money, too). Best-selling author (2012) “Sandler Success Principles”

In this episode, Jennie and Bruce discuss:

  • The mindset to have when it comes to sales.
  • How to contact people and understanding how they want to be contacted.
  • Assume the Zoom.
  • Asking questions and what questions to ask

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow up is the key to any sales environment.
  • People don’t buy if you don’t ask. Don’t be afraid to ask the question.
  • Build a relationship and build trust before you ask the question.
  • Questions to get pain. People will usually spend money to avoid pain.

“There’s nothing wrong with asking a question after 3 or 4 follow-ups.” 

 —  Bruce Seidman

Mentioned: The Sandler Success Principles by Bruce Seidman & David Mattson

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Show notes by Podcastologist: Kristen Braun

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