Michel Huot: Never Forget a Face Ever Again

About Michel Huot: Michel Huot is, by trade, a Corporate Magician specializing in customized magic for his clients around the world. He also gives memory workshops again around the globe. Imagine if you could greatly improve your memory by attending a 2-hour workshop. Well, you can!

In this episode, Jennie and Michel Huot discuss:

  • Better utilizing your memory while you network.
  • Practicing proper form to be present while meeting new people. 
  • Developing your quality of connection with others. 
  • The things you do that make your memory worse.

Key Takeaways:

  • When at a networking event make it your goal to make one business connection, give a referral to someone, and invite one person to your B & I.
  • If you want people to remember your name, take off the nametag. Nametags make your brain lazy, you won’t remember their name and they won’t remember yours. 
  • Be present, say it out loud at least two times, utilize as many of your senses as possible
  • Don’t be a networking glutton. You shouldn’t be at an event for free food and drinks.


“Memory is way more than remembering the day to day things, it’s the basis of every relation.” —  Michel Huot


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Memory Workshop: $25 off a workshop ticket

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Email: michel@lemagiciencorporatif.com   


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