Debi Ronca – Transition is a Bridge

About Debi Ronca: Founder and CEO of Sequoia Life Coaching, coaching you to higher heights, rooted in strength and clarity. Debbie empowers women to process their transitions by using her proprietery process called REAL. Debi equips women by helping them recognize the symptoms, evaluate their inner challenges, align then live in a place of wholeness and clarity in their new season or direction in life. 

Debbie is the author of The Family Letter, an international best-selling book, which created a global movement to bring healing, bonding and connection to families around the world. She is also a certified John Maxwell coach and DISC trainer, and she is available to speak on leadership, family and spiritual topics. 


In this episode, Jennie and Debi Ronca discuss:

  • What “transition coaching” is all about
  • Early identifying symptoms of transition
  • Getting out of the “messy middle” and challenging your limiting beliefs
  • Emotions, what they want to tell you and how you can use that to get out of the bridge of transition

Key Takeaways:

  • Burn out, conflict, anger and unsatisfaction are all symptoms of transition. Let your emotions have a voice when going through a transition, listen to it.
  • Ponder your thoughts as you cross the bridge to the other side – to the challenge that your life is taking you to. Don’t choose comfort by coming back to where you were. 
  • The wounds of life must be left behind through a season of healing as we transition to a better place. All that baggage is not going to fit inside the tunnel. 
  • Dismantle these foundational lies to empower yourself with truth to help you keep moving. 

“Don’t miss the transitions because we learn from them, we grow from them and we come out better from them.” —  Debi Ronca 

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