Odille Remmert – From Struggle to Superpower

About Odille Remmert: She is an international mindset coach, speaker, author and co-founder of the Remmert Method. Having changed her own life from a lifetime of physical, emotional and financial struggle to married to the love of her life, doing what she loves for a living and now owning the rental property she used to clean, Odille’s passion is helping others to step into their own authentic power by changing the root of limiting sub-conscious beliefs using the latest in neuroscience in the same way that she did. 

In this episode, Jennie and Odille Remmert discuss:

  • Struggling to work hard while not getting anywhere and how being stuck is often rooted in childhood. 
  • Dealing with the root of the problem 
  • Neuroscienced-backed way of rewiring your memories and subconscious
  • Applying these concepts to give yourself a boost in your direct-sales business

Key Takeaways:

  • Ask yourself these three questions: 1.) how do you know it’s a problem? 2.) how does that feel? 3.)Where in my childhood did I feel that feeling 
  • What we tend to do, because that’s what we see, is that we cut the leaves, and the branches of the weed. But to be able to be truly transformed, you will have to uproot that weed and plant something good. 
  • Change a part of the memory to remove the stress that is associated in it – change the vibe of that particular memory into something pleasant and you’ll be surprised with how much that affects your life. 
  • Personal development will contribute greatly to your business’ development. 

“Somebody can say something mean, one person can be hurt, another can be angry but another person may find it funny and what makes that difference is the subconscious references from their childhood experiences..” —  Odille Remmert

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